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Virtual Reality
The storytelling toolkit of the future

Price: $225
Age: 13 to 16 Years

5 days, 90 minutes per day
Format: 1-on-1 online class

Best suited for: Everyone! For the storyteller with the wildes imagination, this camp will take their narratives to the next level!

About This Course

Virtual Reality (VR) is a powerful tool with applications in education, tourism and far beyond.
Empower your teen to dream with a multimedia immersion! CoSpaces Edu is a virtual reality platform created especially for education that let’s students design, code and interact with their own VR worlds..

Limited slots available

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Learning Outcomes

  • Master advanced features of CoSpaces to create immersive and realistic virtual reality experiences with complex interactions, realistic physics, and dynamic animations.
  • Explore programming languages such as JavaScript to extend the capabilities of CoSpaces and create custom interactions and behaviors within virtual environments.
  • Apply principles of user experience (UX) design to create intuitive and engaging virtual reality interfaces, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user interaction.
  • Experiment with emerging technologies, such as 360-degree video integration or virtual reality simulations, to push the boundaries of what is possible in CoSpaces and create innovative and impactful experiences.

 Camp Details

What You'll Learn

A Sneak Peek of the Projects They’ll Be Creating
  • Fun exploration of 3D environments that builds STEM skills with a variety of projects, for example, an anti-gravity room.
  • Students apply their creativity and imagination to build a virtual environment using their own ideas.
  • Deepen their understanding of coding concepts by introducing events, variables and more in a VR world

Prerequisites: Students should have ideally completed an introductory block coding course as a prerequisite..

Projects include an anti-gravity room, escape room, and a 3D environment that our students conceptualise, code and design from scratch!

System Requirements
A laptop or tablet with connected keyboard and mouse, webcam, and a good Wi-Fi connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual reality can improve learning by providing students with memorable and immersive experiences that would otherwise not be possible.

CoSpaces Edu is a child-friendly software widely used in schools around the world and lets students easily create their own virtual content. With a web-based platform and also a mobile or tablet app, CoSpaces Edu enables students to build, code, and explore their own creations in VR or AR, while learning essential digital skills.

Virtual Reality is considered one of the emerging technologies of this century and is used for several purposes across industries including travel and hospitality – immersive experiences of well-known attractions, medicine – surgeons explore the anatomy in VR and train for surgeries, entertainment – particular gaming, and more.

Students who have a busy schedule will benefit from our online camps as it greatly reduces the commute time to and from class! They will need to spare only 90 minutes a day from the comfort of home to attend the online camp! As with all our classes, students will benefit from a private online 1-on-1 class with an experienced tutor.

Definitely! As all our online lessons are 1-on-1 with a tutor, the curriculum is personalised to meet your child’s skill level, and tailored to suit their unique interests. Whether they are just starting out or have prior coding experience, our tutors will engage and challenge them to bring out their best! 

Students will need a Windows or Mac computer with a connected mic and webcam. They also need to have Zoom installed. We do not recommend tablets, as the multi-tasking ability between Zoom and some browser-based teaching platforms is often unreliable. 

Limited slots available

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