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Transforming learning experiences to empower the next generation

Made for Generation Alpha

Generation Alpha are the children of Millennials, a generation born entirely in the 21st century. In a world dominated by technology, this generation needs to understand how it works in order to thrive. They will grow up with strong opinions, knowing that their ideas can impact the community around them.

AlphaGen Learning empowers this new generation, equipping them with critical life skills that help them unlock their own ideas and passions through technology.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Student-led Classes

With 100% focus on your child’s progress, our teachers play the role of coaches and guide your child through class, asking them relevant questions to get them to think critically.

Encourage Risk-Taking

At Alphagen Learning, there is no right and wrong, only trial and error. We encourage students to make mistakes and learn from them and focus on practice and hard work.

Personalized Learning

We encourage our students to create projects based on their interests that they are passionate about, balanced with a strong focus on concepts and learning outcomes.

Celebrate Every Success

See your child glow with confidence as they stack up their accomplishments with every lesson in their journey as creators!

Exclusive One-On-One
Online Learning Classes

Our one-on-one classes are designed to understand your child’s needs and focus on their unique abilities. Following are some advantages of our teaching philosophy, that give us an edge over others.

100% Focus on Your Child

Personalised Learning Plan

Student-led Learning for Maximum Impact

Flexible Class Timings At Your Convenience

Emphasis on Digital Citizenship & 21st-Century Technology

Highly Rated Teachers

Our teachers are qualified based on 4 different assessment factors that are reviewed regularly.

Certifications and Experience

Our teachers have degrees in Computing or equivalent fields, and a proven track record.

Passion For Teaching

All our teachers say the same thing – they love teaching children and seeing them succeed. We hire teachers who want to be teachers.

Live Trial Class

Teachers are evaluated through a live trial class to assess their ability to conduct effective virtual lessons.

Ongoing Ratings & Reviews

We actively seek feedback through reviews and ratings from students and parents on how much they enjoy lessons, and how effectively they’ve learnt.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a teacher at AlphaGen Learning?

Send us a 60 second video introduction with your CV and relevant certifications to


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