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Singapore’s first holistic tech education
for your child

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As Mark Zuckerberg said, “My number one piece of advice is – You should learn how to program.” Early exposure to coding helps your child gain academic excellence and develop critical lifeskills for holistic development.

Transforming learning experiences
to empower the future generation

Learning should be fun and tailored to the unique personalities of every child! That’s why our teaching philosophy unlocks your child’s passions and give them the right tools for a lifelong journey of curiosity, creativity and success.

About Us

Exclusive One-On-One
Online Classes

Our one-on-one classes are designed to understand your child’s needs and focus on their unique abilities and interests to make learning fun. Following are some advantages of our teaching philosophy, that give us an edge over others.

100% Focus on Your Child

Personalised Learning Plan

Student-led Learning for Maximum Impact

Flexible Class Timings At Your Convenience

Emphasis on Digital Citizenship & 21st-Century Technology

Your Child Learns

Logical Reasoning

Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Academic Confidence

Creative Expression


Weekly Classes

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Apple.

Enroll your child in weekly classes for the best outcomes!


per hour only!



3 Easy Steps to Get Started!

1. Free Trial Class

The first class is on us. Just sign up and show up.

2. Speak to Our Academic Advisor

Based on your child’s interests and passions, their teacher works with our curriculum specialist to create a personalised learning journey for them.

3. Start Learning!

Your child begins their learning journey! We’ll keep billing simple with monthly invoices and send you regular updates on your child’s progress.

Our Curriculum

Each curriculum area is designed by our in-house specialists and continuously updated to offer the latest learning platforms to our students.

Coding Foundation

AI & Machine Learning

Mobile App Development

Robotics, Circuits & iOT

Web Development

Graphic Design


Video Editing & Animation

3D Printing, AR & VR

Computer Skills for School

Curriculum Area

Coding Foundation

Mobile App Development

Web Development

Augmented & Virtual Reality

& more


What You’ll Learn

Code your very first game, application or animation!

Learn to design, develop and launch a mobile app

Design an online portfolio to showcase your projects

Create a 360° virtual reality walkthrough






Curriculum Area

Coding Foundation

Mobile App Development

Graphic Design & Animation

Robotics, Circuits & IoT

& more


What You’ll Learn

Design & code personalized games and apps

Design, develop and launch your first mobile app or game

Hands-on experience where you create your own graphics & videos

Learn how to program a pocket-sized computer





BBC Microbit

Curriculum Area

Mobile App Development


Web Development

AI & Machine Learning

& more


What You’ll Learn

Create smartphone applications that are Google Play Store ready

Learn real-world programming skills to create games and applications

Use HTML, CSS & Javascript to create a professional looking website

Build & train prediction models and your own AI-powered chatbot






Your Child’s Learning Journey

Highly Rated Teachers

Our teachers are selected based on their hearts, smarts and proven track records. They also believe in our vision of developing the future of education.

Who are AlphaGen Teachers?

Masters degree

Passion for teaching

Full Time roles only

Motivated by child’s success

Experienced hires only

Top Rated by Students

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