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Graphic Design
Draw inspiration from the world around you

Price: $225
Age: 10 to 12 Years

5 days, 90 minutes per day
Format: 1-on-1 online class

Best suited for: Everyone! Watch your young learner blossom as they showcase their creative genius.

About This Course

Artistic expression has a great role to play in thedevelopment of your child’s unique blueprint. In today’s world, kids need to be confident presenters and communicators. Graphic design equips your child with the tools to share clear, concise, and memorable messages with peers and teachers. Canva is an intuitive yet powerful platform that equips users with an array of templates that they can customise to suit any requirement

Limited slots available

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Your Child Will Develop




Learning Outcomes

  • Graphic design equips your child with the tools to share clear, concise, and memorable messages with peers and teachers.
  • A focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) helps develop hard and soft skills to solve problems. Artistic exploration helps expose students to the creative process and increase their critical thinking skills.

 Camp Details

What You'll Learn

A Sneak Peek of the Projects They’ll Be Creating
  • Boost your child’s confidence in completing homework and school projects
  • Deepen understanding of visual design through hands-on trial and error
  • The possibilities are unlimited. Watch your young creator design posters, animations and more!
  • Add a unique dimension to projects using photo editing, filters, and a stunning range of special effects

Prerequisites: This is a beginner level camp with no experience necessary.

Students will learn to design a poster or logo, Instagram posts, YouTube banners and more!

System Requirements
A laptop or tablet with connected keyboard and mouse, webcam, and a good Wi-Fi connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic Design is the art of creating visual content using various elements such as typography, colors, images, and layouts. It involves designing for print and digital media, including logos, posters, websites, and social media graphics.

Learning Graphic Design can provide your child with valuable skills in visual communication and creativity. It allows them to express their ideas and concepts visually, which is essential in today’s digital age. Graphic Design is widely used in advertising, marketing, web design, and other industries, offering potential career opportunities.

Graphic Design skills are highly sought after in various fields such as advertising agencies, design studios, marketing departments, and freelance work. With a strong foundation in Graphic Design, your child can pursue higher education in design-related fields like visual communication, digital media, or pursue careers as graphic designers, art directors, or UI/UX designers.

Our online Graphic Design camp provides a convenient learning experience from the comfort of your home. Students will participate in live virtual classes with experienced instructors who will guide them through the principles and techniques of Graphic Design. The classes are interactive, engaging, and personalized to cater to each student’s skill level and interests.

Absolutely! Our online Graphic Design camp welcomes students of all skill levels. Whether your child is a beginner with no prior experience or has some knowledge of graphic design, our instructors will adapt the curriculum to meet their individual needs. They will receive personalized attention and guidance throughout the camp to enhance their skills and creativity.

Students will need a Windows or Mac computer with a connected mic and webcam. They also need to have Zoom installed. We do not recommend tablets, as the multi-tasking ability between Zoom and some browser-based teaching platforms is often unreliable. AlphaGen will provide them access to a Canva Pro account for use during the camp.

Limited slots available

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