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10 Tips To Improve Logical Thinking in Kids- Alphagen learning

Logical thinking and reasoning skills are vital for children’s overall development and success in life. In this article, we will explore the meaning of logical thinking and offer ten tips to help parents and educators improve children’s logical thinking skills. We will also discuss the importance of developing logical reasoning skills in children.


Logical thinking, problem-solving, and critical reasoning are essential skills that children need to develop from an early age. Young children have an innate desire to learn about everything around them. These skills help children make sense of the world around them, analyze information, and make informed decisions. Children who have strong logical thinking skills are better equipped to handle complex situations and solve problems more efficiently. In fact, children with well-developed logical reasoning abilities perform better in reasoning, rationale, math, problem-solving, and conversation.

In this article, we will explore the importance of logical thinking in children and offer tips to help parents and educators improve children’s logical thinking skills.

What is logical thinking?

Logical thinking is a cognitive process that involves analyzing and reasoning to arrive at a logical conclusion. It requires an understanding of cause and effect relationships, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It is a critical skill to learn because it will be used in your child’s daily life. Children with strong logical thinking skills can understand complex concepts, think critically, and make connections between different pieces of information.

10 tips to improve logical and critical thinking

Encourage them to adopt creative hobbies

To further enhance kids’ logical thinking skills, it is important to encourage them to engage in creative hobbies. Experts suggest that creativity can play a significant role in improving critical reasoning abilities in children. As a parent or educator, you can encourage kids to use their existing knowledge and data to create something new and unique. Utilizing tools such as charts, flowcharts, pie charts, and stories can help to stimulate their imagination and improve their analytical skills.

Additionally, participating in creative hobbies can help young minds to develop their communication and descriptive abilities while exploring their interests. Whether it’s painting, drawing, music, or writing, allowing kids to express themselves creatively can enhance their logical thinking skills and foster their intellectual growth.

Choose games that encourage strategy

One way to improve logical thinking skills in children is to choose games that encourage strategy. Research suggests that playing action video games can increase brain activity and improve decision-making abilities. In a study that combined brain scans with a decision-making task, students who frequently played strategy video games were able to make quicker and more precise decisions than their peers who infrequently played video games. Encouraging your child to play strategy video games can help them develop critical thinking skills and enhance their ability to problem-solve. So, the next time you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your child, consider incorporating strategy games into their playtime.

Let them socialize with other kids

Encouraging socialization is an excellent way to boost your child’s logical thinking skills. As your child engages with other kids, they can develop a wider perspective and gain fresh insights into the world. Through interacting with different people, your child can learn to approach problems and situations from multiple angles, leading to better logical thinking skills. Encourage your child to learn about other people’s perspectives, as this will help them broaden their own viewpoint. Simple activities like having fun, going out for lunch, and having a healthy discussion on a current topic can help your child build strong relationships with others, ultimately benefiting their logical thinking skills

Teach them to solve problems

One effective way to improve logical thinking skills in children is to teach them problem-solving techniques. Logical reasoning requires independent thinking, and as parents or educators, we can support children in developing this skill by encouraging them to make decisions on their own. By allowing children to find their own solutions, they gain the ability to think critically and logically. However, if we constantly impose our own ideas, beliefs, and methods on them, they may become dependent on others to solve problems for them, which can impede their logical abilities. Therefore, giving children the opportunity to explore and investigate the world around them can help them develop their rational thinking skills, as they learn to ask questions and seek answers.

Encourage them to ask questions

Encouraging children to ask questions is a great way to foster their logical thinking skills. As young as 5 or 6 years old, children are already developing their problem-solving abilities and using logical reasoning to tackle challenges. Speech becomes an essential tool for their logical reasoning, and they learn to express their thoughts and emotions through different forms of communication. At this stage, children rely on arguments to support their reasoning and are willing to persist in finding solutions to conceptual problems. By encouraging them to ask questions, you can help them further develop their logical thinking abilities and learn to draw more insightful conclusions.

Train them to evaluate information

To enhance children’s logical thinking skills, it’s crucial to encourage them to evaluate information critically. Each child has their unique thought process, and as a mentor, it’s essential to inspire them to retain their individuality while solving problems that require critical thinking. Children should be confident in presenting their own version of the story, including their ideas and interpretations. If they learn to do this, they will have a better chance of improving their critical thinking abilities in the future. Including logical reasoning questions in their learning process can be beneficial for children’s cognitive development.

Go for brainstorming sessions

One effective way to enhance logical thinking skills in children is through regular brainstorming sessions. This technique involves a structured activity where everyone is encouraged to contribute their unique thoughts and ideas. To make the most of these sessions, consider incorporating mind mapping, weighing pros and cons, and asking “what if?” questions to organize the brainstorming process. These activities will help children to think more critically, develop innovative solutions to problems, and improve their overall logical reasoning abilities.

Improve their communication ability

Improving your child’s logical thinking skills can be achieved by enhancing their communication abilities. Effective communication skills play a crucial role in comprehending and conveying information with clarity and accuracy. In contrast, inadequate communication skills lead to frequent misunderstandings and frustration. Therefore, encouraging your child to enhance their communication skills will directly impact their logical thinking abilities, resulting in an overall improvement in their cognitive and reasoning skills.

Encourage curiosity

Cultivating a sense of curiosity in your child is crucial for enhancing their logical thinking skills. Encourage them to observe their environment and ask questions. By doing so, they will develop a natural inclination to investigate and scrutinize things around them, leading to more opportunities to practice logical reasoning.

Fostering curiosity in your child can also promote their eagerness to learn and help them become better problem solvers. So, fuel their curiosity by providing them with interesting books, puzzles, and games, and watch as their logical thinking skills soar!

Ask open ended questions

To help your child build their logical thinking skills, ask them open ended questions. By asking questions that don’t have a specific answer, you can stimulate their creativity and critical thinking skills. For example, you could ask them to imagine what might happen if we lived on a planet with no gravity. This type of inquiry will encourage your child to explore different possibilities and think outside the box.

Why Develop Logical Reasoning Skills in a Child?

Developing logical thinking skills in children is crucial for their cognitive and intellectual growth, problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and academic success. Logical reasoning helps children make informed decisions, break down complex problems, and learn and retain new information. Encouraging logical thinking prepares children for a successful future.


The importance of a child’s developing logical reasoning skills

Promotes Independent Thinking

Kids need guidance to learn and understand concepts, but constant hand-holding can hinder their growth. To enhance their problem-solving abilities, they require substantial reasoning and analytical skills, which encourages independent thinking.

Encourages Creativity and Innovation

Thinking outside the box is a hallmark of creativity, and it is a skill that children acquire by honing their critical thinking abilities. This capacity to think independently enhances their ability to innovate and gives them control over their lives.

Improves Analytical Thinking

Children develop a sense of choice as they start to think on their own. They evaluate different options and outcomes before arriving at the most satisfactory solution. Questions with multiple paths to the correct answer are a great way to improve their analytical skills.

Boosts Brain Power

Logic tests and verbal reasoning exercises can activate various areas of the brain, such as memory, visual-shape memory, and verbal fluency. These exercises help children differentiate between facts and fiction, identify patterns and designs in math, and solve complex equations. This unleashes the full potential of the brain.

Improves Focus and Concentration

Kids are curious, but their attention span is limited. Cognitive ability tests require them to focus for more than 10-20 minutes, improving their concentration skills. The step-by-step problem-solving process and engaging strategies and tactics keep them interested and focused, leading to increased self-esteem.

How is Alphagen helping in developing logical reasoning skills?

AlphaGen Learning empowers the current generation by providing them with essential life skills that allow them to discover and pursue their own passions through technology. Coding is a fantastic way to build logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. AlphaGen Learning offers a wide range of coding and technology classes for kids aged 6 to 16. With private 1:1 sessions with experienced teachers, kids get undivided attention and are able to express their creativity while being challenged.

Final Thought

Children can think logically, but you can help them by engaging with them, posing questions, and being attentive as they apply logic through trial and error. The above tips are designed to help improve logical reasoning in kids.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can kids develop their logical thinking skills?

There are several ways to improve a child’s logical thinking skills. Although there are no shortcuts, encouraging kids to socialize with others, participate in creative hobbies, play strategy-based games, and engage in logical puzzles are all effective methods.

Which is an example of an activity that promotes logical thinking in children?

Playing chess is an excellent example of logical thinking in action. To win a game of chess, players must think logically and make strategic moves based on the current state of the board. Each move is a puzzle to be solved within the context of the larger game.

Is it important for kids to learn Logical Reasoning Skills?

Developing this skill at a young age can benefit them throughout their journey as a student as well as later in life as they build their careers. It equips them to solve complex problems and their communication skills as well. Hence, logical reasoning for kids is an essential skill to develop.