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Introducing Generation Alpha: The Digital Natives

Is your kid born after 2010? Here’s what you don’t know about them- they belong to Generation Alpha! Yes, there’s (yet another) generation label!  

Born into a world where intelligent devices have blurred the boundaries between physical and digital, Generation Alpha will be the most educated, tech-empowered, and opinionated generation yet. Unlike their predecessors, children today are less likely to run through the aisles of their local toy shops in search of miniature appliances or collectible dolls and action figures. They’re defined by their gadgets; iPads, smartphones, gaming devices, and more. Born between 2010 to 2025, they’re also called ‘screenagers’, since 2010 was the year the first-generation iPad and Instagram were launched. Fun fact – Their population will cross 2 billion globally by 2025 – making them the largest population in the history of the world!  

Take a look at how they’re different from the generation before them: 

Source – McCrindle

Generation Alpha is different from its previous generations in so many ways! Therefore, their learning preferences tend to be different as well. Let’s find out what they expect and how AlphaGen Learning recognizes and implements their learning preferences in its mode of teaching.  

So, what are this generation’s learning preferences? 

  • Digital savviness is the name of the game – Generation Alpha is incredibly comfortable with technology and is used to accessing information at a moment’s notice. Learning for them needs to be digital and interactive to keep them engaged. 
  • Focus on cultivating critical thinking – Critical thinking skills are essential for students of Generation Alpha. Since this generation will be inundated with information, they need to develop the ability to sort out what’s relevant and valuable to them. Therefore, teaching this generation critical thinking is an absolute must. One of the best ways to improve critical thinking is to learn how to code! 
  • Personalization is expected – Generation Alpha demands class content to be highly personalized and adjusted to their individual learning pace as much as possible. This generation might not respond as well to traditional methods of learning or group classes.  
  • Focus on skills, not content – Generation Alpha believes in learning HOW to think, not what to think. Their interest lies in authenticity and products of value that allow them to learn in a more experiential manner. They are creative and innovative. What they expect and respond to is strong stimuli in their environment. Due to their close affinity to video games, gamification models work great with this generation!  

How AlphaGen Learning can help 

If you’ve read this far, it’s safe to assume that you know your child better by now and are ready to take the next step towards preparing them for the future. Here’s where we can help and why we exist! Our mission is to transform learning experiences to empower the future generation! We are passionate about helping the leaders of tomorrow build the skills they need to thrive.  

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