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Ignite your teen’s coding journey

Price: $225
Age: 13 to 16 Years

5 days, 90 minutes per day
Format: 1-on-1 online class

Best suited for: Everyone. This versatile language has
applications from gaming to advanced machine learning

About This Course

If you’re going to learn how to code, why not choose one of the most used coding languages in the world? Consistently ranked 1st as the “Most Popular Coding Language”, Python is versatile and a practical text-based programming language that is suitable for students with zero coding experience, as well as data scientists and AI developers alike. Junior programmers will use Replit – a powerful platform to code online create their first Python projects.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Introduces learners to Scratch and its possibilities and opens the door to an exciting world of technology.
  • Builds their coding principles and computational thinking
  • Simulates advanced programming concepts in an easy-to-understand visual environment with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Boosts confidence in young learners

 Camp Details

What You'll Learn

A Sneak Peek of the Projects They’ll Be Creating
  • Students will get hands-on practice with a variety of fun activities and challenges to help them build their foundation in programming.
  • Cover introductory programming concepts including variables, data structures, conditionals, operators and more while learning Python syntax
  • They will then build on that knowledge by importing Python libraries and exploring the different functions they enable.

Prerequisites: This is a beginner level camp with no experience necessary.

Projects includes creating a Logic Game, Digital Menu, Random Selectors and more.

System Requirements
A laptop or tablet with connected keyboard and mouse, webcam, and a good Wi-Fi connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Python is one of the most versatile programming languages and a great programming language for kids to learn. It is popularly used for everything from Game Design to Machine Learning & AI to Data Science. With it’s simplified syntax, it’s one of the most exciting and lucrative programming languages of the century. 

With it’s versatility, Python can be used in Game Design, Robotics, advanced programming and much more, making this introductory Python camp a great stepping stone to more advanced STEM possibilities!

Aside from lucrative careers in fields like Game Design, Software Engineering, Data Science and more, traditionally non-STEM jobs like Marketing or Finance have also become increasingly tech-focused over the years. Python is high up on the list of in-demand tech skills for anyone entering the work force.

Absolutely! Because our Online Private Lessons are 1-on-1 with an instructor, the curriculum is customized to meet your child’s skill level, unique interests, and long-term goals. Whether they are just starting out or super advanced, our experienced instructors will engage them to bring out their best! 

Each child will need a Windows or Mac computer with audio and video capabilities. We do not recommend tablets, as the multi-tasking ability between Zoom and other required software is often unreliable or nonexistent. 

Limited slots available

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