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3D Printing

Visualise, plan & create in 3D


Price: $225
Age: 13 to 16 Years

5 days, 90 minutes per day
Format: 1-on-1 online class

Best suited for: Engineering-minded maker, the artistic teen and Lego enthusiasts

About This Course

3D printing is one of the most important toolkfittshoe future, with applications across industries like medical,
transport, education, construction and more. Tinkercad is an online 3D modelling platform loved by both
students and businesses. It allows users to design in 3D using a drag and drop interface to visualise how parts of a 3D object fit together to form a whole.

Limited slots available

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Your Child Will Develop




Learning Outcomes

  • Master advanced techniques in TinkerCAD to create complex and intricate 3D models with precision and attention to detail.
  • Explore the principles of 3D design, including organic shapes, textures, and advanced geometries, to push the boundaries of creativity.
  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address design challenges, optimizing models for functionality and aesthetics.

 Camp Details

What You'll Learn

A Sneak Peek of the Projects They’ll Be Creating
  • Develop competencies in engineering, mathematics and applied sciences
  • Logic and creative thinking on the journey from concept development to creation
  • Acquire a hands-on non-academic understanding of geometry concepts, spatial learning and perspective!

Prerequisites: This camp is suitable for all students.

Projects include creating 3D models of a drone, Star Wars X Wing and the Eiffel Tower!!

System Requirements
A laptop or tablet with connected keyboard and mouse, webcam, and a good Wi-Fi connection

Frequently Asked Questions

3D Printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional object layer by layer using a computer created design. Designers originally used 3D printers to quickly create product prototypes but they are increasingly being used to create final products as well.

3D modelling and printing is considered one of the technologies to significantly change how the world operates. The film, television, video game, architecture, construction, product development, science and medical industries all use 3D models to visualise, simulate and render graphic designs.

Tinkercad is a free web app for 3D design, electronics, and coding, trusted by over 50 million people around the world. With an extensive shapes library, users can create personalised 3D models.

Students who have a busy schedule will benefit from our online camps as it greatly reduces the commute time to and from class! They will need to spare only 90 minutes a day from the comfort of home to attend the online camp! As with all our classes, students will benefit from a private online 1-on-1 class with an experienced tutor.

Definitely! As all our online lessons are 1-on-1 with a tutor, the curriculum is personalised to meet your child’s skill level, and tailored to suit their unique interests. Whether they are just starting out or have prior coding experience, our tutors will engage and challenge them to bring out their best! 

Students will need a Windows or Mac computer with a connected mic and webcam. They also need to have Zoom installed. We do not recommend tablets, as the multi-tasking ability between Zoom and some browser-based teaching platforms is often unreliable. 

Limited slots available

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