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How Coding Improved the World

A bold statement from coding fanatics, no doubt! But it’s true, programming and technology has changed so much of our lives:

  • Facebook & Instagram – Changed the way we’ve made friends and STAYED friends 
  • Google – Changed the way we access new knowledge and experiences (no more encyclopaedias or Yellow Pages) 
  • Grab – Changed our food habits, and travel habits, and shopping habits, and more to come!

Programming is everywhere, whether you realise it or not. These platforms that you use daily are a result of it.  

Here’s a myth – coding or programming skills are only valuable for people who wish to work in highly technical jobs like software development. Busted! While it’s true that learning to code is a prerequisite for some roles, that certainly doesn’t mean there are no practical ways to apply your coding knowledge in non-coding jobs. It enables one to become a much more valued member of a team. It’s really as simple as this – you don’t need to be a programming whiz to reap the benefits of coding. The basic knowledge of computers can prove to be a useful asset in almost all business environments today. 

And rightly so. Here’s a surprising statistic: Today, more than half of all programming job openings are in industries outside of technology, like finance, healthcare and manufacturing! So, it’s time we stop believing that we only need to acquaint our children with coding if they’re interested in technical jobs. 

For productive engagement, creating career opportunities, and just because it’s really fun; there are plenty of reasons your child should learn to code. Building a foundation of tech skills has endless benefits, that open doors to endless possibilities. Singapore is coding. Is your child?  

But you need to know where and how to start. That’s where AlphaGen Learning comes in picture! We make learning personalized and one-on-one for your child and guide them through their coding journey. Book your free coding class today to kickstart your young one’s coding journey!