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Future Of Education

How Does Generation Alpha Learn?

How Does Generation Alpha Learn?  There’s a new generation label you (probably) didn’t know about! It’s called ‘Generation Alpha’, to describe children born after 2010! Gone are the days of blackboards and chalks, we’ve been living and breathing in the digital era of immersive learning methodologies. Before we dive into them,

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How Coding Improved the World

A bold statement from coding fanatics, no doubt! But it’s true, programming and technology has changed so much of our lives: Facebook & Instagram – Changed the way we’ve made friends and STAYED friends  Google – Changed the way we access new knowledge and experiences (no more encyclopaedias or Yellow Pages)  Grab

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Introducing Generation Alpha: The Digital Natives

Is your kid born after 2010? Here’s what you don’t know about them- they belong to Generation Alpha! Yes, there’s (yet another) generation label!   Born into a world where intelligent devices have blurred the boundaries between physical and digital, Generation Alpha will be the most educated, tech-empowered, and opinionated generation yet. Unlike their predecessors, children today are less likely to run through the aisles of their local

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Why is coding vital for our future?

Coding isn’t just another enrichment activity. It inspires creativity and curiosity, develops problem-solving skills, and is super fun to boot! Today, it is also the most in-demand skill in all sectors – design, finance, healthcare, you name it! The fact that Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) is working closely with

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